The Titans Are Coming – A Poem


When the day dims and the golden glimmer of an age
Wears no more the hood of its proud beginnings,
The gardeners will once more prune their fields:
      The Titans are ploughing!

When all else is noise, and the fury of the ascent
Robs the light of day and enthrones dusk at dawn,
The silver skies will once more split with meaning:
      The Titans are sowing!

When the stars starkly sing of their toil
To keep us abreast of the sea to which we plunge,
Know that the big bell of time has tolled:
      The Titans are reaping!

When even breath is fouled by earth’s own dust
And the sun and the moon are no longer in concert
And the earth cringes to its own resonance:
       The Titans are here.

The Titans Are Coming is a poem by Edentu D. Oroso. The author of the forthcoming novel “Titan Race.” A majestic tribute that indulges the readers imagination. The Titans Are Coming is an excellent companion to this brilliant work of fiction.


Twenty-five millennia after he destroyed Atlantis in a fit of fury, Netu Deo, now a Guardian of the modern world, faces a great challenge: Redress his mistake that brought doom to Atlantis and help in the genesis of a new human race – the TITAN RACE.

Titan Race debuts May 5th 2019

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