Melodicrose Publishing would like to extend congratulations to Edentu D. Oroso, who has completed an incredible feat. Today marks the release of his long awaited Science Fiction novel TITAN RACE and his poetry collection RICHER THAN A PRIDE ( A Celebration Of Womanhood).

TITAN RACE by Edentu D. Oroso


Twenty-five millennia after he destroyed Atlantis in a fit of fury, Netu Deo, now a Guardian of the modern world, faces a great challenge: Redress his mistake that brought doom to Atlantis and helps in the genesis of a new human race – the TITAN RACE.
Guardians of the Blackhole join forces to establish a new civilization but find that Netu has called their bluff: His heart reels towards love, disrupting their plan.
The denizens of Atlantis are restless in their quest of vengeance and the modern world hangs on the brink of complete collapse. The fate of all that exists lies in the choices the Guardians and Netu will be forced to make in this intense tale of wit, gut, and sorcery


“A classic in the making: this highly imaginative story written like the old masters, will transport your mind into another spectrum. With the superb use of the English language, and cleverly interwoven with modern day romance, this well-crafted TITAN RACE is the ultimate for Science Fiction/Fantasy lovers.”

* Charles Ayling, author of Sunrise at Noon and the forthcoming Borneo Experience

RICHER THAN PRIDE by Edentu D. Oroso

Richer Than Pride

Bathe yourself no more in tears of anguish and despair
Oh woman, you pillar the sum of man’s strength
On the rough ledge of human action;
To you he comes for a soothing balm

When life’s currents are swift and his mind riled;
Your warmth gives him hope for a better tomorrow,
Without your compass he is but a lost navigator;

But if he won’t give you your right of place
Even when you are the energy that feeds his ego,
Just remember woman, it is out of foolish pride;

On the crest of the next tide you must ride fast
And take back the strength that belongs to you.
Whatever the circumstance, you are richer than pride

Culled from Sentinel Online 2013 edited by Unoma Azuah


Richer Than Pride is a fluid verse of mixed rhythms that takes the mind beyond the ordinary to the deep corners of being with explorations of the concepts of life. Though an ode to womanhood, Richer than Pride points the way to paths not taken and the beauty that lies within us. While it evokes feelings of romantic charm, it also pains diverse images of the spiritual, as well as the political, pulling the reader towards contemplating the meanings of what is and what ought to be in the journey of life


‘Oh woman, you pillar the sum of man’s strength

Without your compass he is but a lost navigator.’

From moving portraits of women to celebrating nature and the wonders of celestial visions on a cosmic scale, Edentu Oroso’s poems all are but glowing of hope, if not aching for it. One cannot but be impressed by the multitude of his ideas and images, weaved in a delicate, sensuous yet deeply inspiring language.

All here is a ‘wanton waltz of hearts’, a ‘swirl of world’ beguiling us, assailing us, and finally conquering us with a profound and radiant lyricism which is more than bewitching and enthralling, but uplifting. Eerie, dazzling, beautiful poetry.

‘In our hearts there’s a song,

The song is love and love is life.’

-Aurélien Thomas, author of ‘A Vow – A Collection of Love Poems’ (coming out soon)

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