A Rape Journal ( Porcelain Whispers

A startling and often raw confession that best illustrates human finesse. Inspired by her journals, Froya manages to grip the reader’s heart with poetry that drifts between a mix of experiences, cycling through themes as diverse as, self harm, abuse, mental health, depression and so much more.

A Rape Journal is a provocative narrative that dares to ask the big questions. Montezino’s words masterfully evokes a tsunami in the emotion of the reader. Call it the mantra of a woman caught in the throes of telling her story as no one else can.

In A Rape Journal, every human life whose voice has been silenced by the waves of injustice, finds a unique anthem for liberty in the Oxygen it brings via every single written word. The strokes of Montezino’s pen in this collection, therefore, powerfully resuscitates human dignity.